Work with Us


We are regularly on the lookout for English-speaking Sudanese graduates interested in working formally or informally for us. We are currently seeking:

Orientation Assistants

The orientation of foreign volunteers is very important to SVP. Many volunteers arrive in Khartoum with little or no first-hand experience of Sudanese people and culture. Our Orientation Assistants play a valuable role in familiarising volunteers with their surroundings and ensuring that they integrate as much as possible into Sudanese society.


You will introduce yourself to new volunteers upon their arrival and accompany them in any activities that will prepare them for life in or out of Khartoum living on a small budget (e.g. tea drinking on the Nile, using local transport, eating at inexpensive local restaurants, visiting local points of interest). You are also encouraged to introduce and explain Sudanese customs and behaviours.


  • Improve your English communication skills while having fun;
  • Meet people and establish friendships with people from different cultures;
  • Share all that is fantastic about Sudanese people and culture;
  • Develop your organisational, leadership and management skills;
  • Work only when you are available;
  • Get a letter of recommendation from SVP after a 4-month term of service;
  • Be considered first for paid Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator jobs with SVP when they become available.

A full description of the role is available here. If interested, please complete the Orientation Assistant application form and send it to

Please note that this role is voluntary and that, due to the large number of applications we receive, we can only respond to applicants with the qualities we are looking for. There is a particular need for female Orientation Assistants.